This Little Pony Is Doing BIG Things!

When natural disasters hit, there are always tragic stories, and not just with humans. Countless animals are displaced or killed by tornados, floods, hurricanes, and other severe weather. While many organizations like GreaterGood fight hard to protect as many as possible, there are always people and animals that need more personal attention to survive. Animals don’t have nearly as many options when it comes to recovery, and many injuries simply equal death. However, there are always those incredible heroes that go the extra miles to save a life!

Molly is a beautiful pony that is missing part of her leg. She is a Hurricane Katrina survivor that has the strength of 10 ponies! Many people would have given up on Molly. Even the vet said to put her down. But this pony wouldn’t quit! She’s a fighter with a beautiful spirit! She inspires others, with injuries of their own, to stay strong. I love this pony!

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