What Did Marmalade Just See???

Marmalade and his brother, Cole, are the cat kings of personality! Their videos never fail to make me laugh… loudly! I have my Cole and Marmalade favorites that I keep bookmarked on my laptop, and replay them whenever I need some cheering up.

Does your cat ever randomly stare at something, and you have no clue what that something is? Yea, mine does that too! She loves to chase invisible bugs as well. Well, at least they’re invisible to me!

It seems something has gotten into Marmalade and I’m not quite sure what it is! His facial expression is legendary! Just look!


This little gem is just too AH-MAZING to miss! The jury is out on this one folks, what exactly does Marmalade see? Please put your guess in the comment section and share this video with friends to see what they think!


That face, though! LOL!!!


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