Cat Welcomes New Foster Puppy In The Cutest Way Possible

We would like to think we have a say in what goes on in our household but the truth it, our furbabies run the show. When this family expanded with a brand new foster puppy, they were obviously wayyyy more interested with what their cat had to say about it.

Well, watch the video to see what Kushi thinks. And rumor has it, she feels this way about all the fosters that come to stay with her. What a sweetie!

Screen Shot: Rumble

Screen Shot: Rumble

Have you ever considered fostering? It’s a great way to help animals in need. I’m sure we would love to take them all in, permanently, but that’s not exactly realistic. Fostering is a great way to provide a safe and loving place for an animal in need until he or she finds their forever home.

Screen Shot: Rumble

Screen Shot: Rumble

Lots of rescue organizations don’t have brick and mortar locations so they rely solely on foster homes. Even shelters run out of room and rely on foster homes too.

Plus, it’s a great way to see how a dog or cat behaves in a home environment before being placed with a family. If this may be an option you would consider, please reach out to local rescues. Helping animals does the heart good!

Check out Kushi’s cute greeting in the video below!

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