Meet The Most Adorable Puppy Pair: Blind Kimchi Needs Her Guide Dog Ginger To Help Out

When little King Charles spaniel Kimchi was found abandoned in the Philippines, she was “thin, mangy, weak, with flea-infested matted fur, and already blind.”

Today, she’s an inspiration for us all.

Kimchi’s Instagram page has shown the dog’s progress since then, and it’s enough to bring anyone to tears. The family that adopted this struggling pup already had a few pets of their own. Among them, Ginger, a kind and loving Golden Retriever, who now acts as Kimchi’s guide dog.

The pair has developed a very special bond, and we’re more than happy to watch it blossom on Instagram.

Check out the pictures below for more of this cute couple!

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Want to see more of Kimchi and Ginger in action? Watch the video below!

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