If This Cat Owned You, Everyday Would Be As Funny As This!

If I ever got to meet this cat face to face, I would have to give him a giant hug and shake his paw for making me laugh so hard, and so LOUDLY! Yes, his depth perception is a bit off and it’s not something to poke fun at, but come on, this is HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE!

Ok, no more caps, sorry about that. I’m just really excited about sharing this video with you!

It doesn’t always take a lot to hit a home run in the funny department. This may be short but it’s still full of so much funny.

Did you like this video? If so, you will love this one too!

A cat is a fan of scary movies and you can see it all over her adorable face! These facial expressions are not for the faint of heart, I’m telling ya. Something this good needs to come with a warning label. It’s funny and cute and shareable! What are you waiting for? It sounds pawfect, right? CLICK HERE to see what I’m talking about!

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