Need A Treat? These Huskies Know Just What To Do To Earn Theirs!

Do your fur babies know how to work for treats? Or do they just look at you in a certain way and you can’t help but throw treats their direction? HAHA! In my house, my dogs and cat get spoiled but in a healthy way. We love to use treats to reward them for good behavior, like going outside to do their business or listening to us in specific situations.

These adorable, full of fluff Huskies, are earning treats by listening to their papa! He wants them to sit beside him, at the table, and give paw. Even if I don’t want this for my dogs, I won’t judge this human because you can see just how much he loves his babies. Aren’t they beautiful?

Huskies make amazing companions. They are full of love and are VERY loyal. They are also known for their chatter. A Husky likes to respond to our voices with their voices. Probably because they are highly intelligent. Huskies aren’t just great in the snow, they make wonderful family members. Gotta love HUSKIES! Yay!

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