Dog Hit By A Car Was Left For Dead By Former Owner. But She Pulled Through To Be With Her Puppies

A dog named Hope belonged to a person who didn’t love her or take care of her. She was starving and on top of that, pregnant. She eventually gave birth to eight puppies – five boys and three girls. Sadly, one of the pups were sick and didn’t make it.

When Hope left the home to search for food for her and her puppies, she got hit by a car. When her owner saw her, she assumed she was dead and called animal control to come pick up the “dead” dog and puppies; she did not want them anymore.

But Hope was not dead. She was actually in a coma with severe head injury. Animal control rushed her to the vet, where she was treated and given food. Thanks to McFarland Animal Shelter and 2nd Chances Rescue, Hope and her puppies are now safe and have a warm bed to sleep in!

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