So Adorable! Watch This Tot Show Her Pup How To Give Paw

Is there anything cuter than a kid and a dog? What about a kid totally acting like an adult trainer and teaching her dog a new trick? This is so cute we’re about to explode.

Little Miss Hadley may be young, but she knows how to handle herself around dogs. And her fluffy puppy is sure the kind of dog we wish we had grown up around. They’re both such cuties!

And it’s no wonder this girl has learned how to handle a dog so well. Her pet seems so sweet and gentle. How could you not get used to animals with a cuddle-bear like this around the house?

Watch as she gently but firmly shows Gauge how to give paw and then rewards him with a treat. Gauge is so adorable! Look at all his fluff. I love this pair!

*Hadley’s father, Gauge’s human, is always close by for safety reasons. A child attempting anything like this should be monitored closely. Children should never be left alone with pets or other animals.

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