Can Surgery And Physical Therapy Put Pep In This French Bulldog’s Step?

When Frida was born, no one was sure if she would ever be able to walk on her own. However, NO ONE gave up on her! It’s easy to believe in someone you truly love and Frida’s humans truly love her! A ton!


With lots of physical therapy, Frida’s muscles strengthened but it wasn’t enough. Something more had to be done.


Next step was surgery. But even that isn’t a guarantee.


And then more physical therapy. Thankfully, Frida made an excellent patient! And worked up a hearty appetite. Healing is hard work!


The end result is something beyond amazing. Frida makes some serious strides. Literally. Can you watch this and not cheer her on? Impawsible! Aren’t you so happy Frida found such loving humans who never gave up on her? ME TOO!

See Frida’s story from start to finish below! But be prepared to fall in love with this little warrior! I know I did!

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