Alaskan Malamute Claims Baby As His Own (And It’s Perfect!)

This beautiful Alaskan Malamute, named Evo, has a serious crush on his human baby, Adam, and it’s absolutely precious! Watch as he stares at the infant, lovingly. Like there is no other being in the world that matters as much as Adam does. Not even close!

This type of bond is one of protection and total loyalty. These two will grow up side by side. Dogs make excellent siblings. Pets can teach kids a lot, like about responsibility and sharing. They can also teach them about being kind and gentle to animals. And how important animals are to humans. Evo and Adam are a match made in heaven and I love that it’s starting out while Adam is so small. Aren’t these two precious? D’awwww!

If you liked this video, you will love this pregnancy time lapse video staring Chester. If you’ve had a dog while pregnant, then you know exactly what I mean when I say that they truly anticipate the arrival of their new baby human. Some dogs even protect their pregnant mamas by sticking close by and putting themselves in between guests and their pregnant human. It’s really amazing! Click here to meet Chester!

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