Watching Enzo Relax Will Make Every Little Worry Melt Away

Enzo, the kitten, is asleep in his human’s hand. One of my favorite tunes is playing in the background (I remember my parents dancing to this!)

Seeing his tiny face and how relaxed he is, reminds me that it is okay to let things go. We all need to sometimes. Life can be so hard (too often for some) and we need to recharge. This video is a reminder of that. How sweet is Enzo?

I just sent this video to all my stressed out friends. It’s been a tough week for some and a video like this can totally recharge a person’s soul…including yours!

If you liked Enzo’s video, then this is a must see! These ducklings were all alone… and who knows what would’ve happened had this human not stepped in! Thank goodness for heroes! Watch as these saved ducklings fall asleep in their new human’s arms. It’s SO SWEET!

So remember this: Adopt, don’t shop! Many cats still languish in shelters. You can do your part in supporting cats across the country by donating time or hours to these deserving facilities, or adopting a rescue animal yourself.

GreaterGood is also offering an opportunity to help. Follow this link to support in our mission to protect people, pets, and the planet. Every bit — even as little as a dollar — helps!

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