I Just Found My New Favorite Love Story!

Bronson the Vizsla has found the love of his life and cannot get enough of her! No matter where the Staffy mix goes, Bronson follows, and bombards her with the cutest puppy kisses. Look at her face though, she is like, “Okay, do your thing. Get on with it already!” LOL! It doesn’t seem to bother her much at all. Maybe she knows just how important love and affection are. I do hope she kisses Bronson back once and a while.

Just imagine someone licking your face this much… OH WAIT, your dog probably does.

You’ve gotta love these two! I know I do! Do you have a doggy pair like this? Tell us all about them!

Dog Fun Fact:
Dogs do dream! Yup! According to scientists, dogs, like humans, go into REM sleep (which stands for rapid eye movement). During REM sleep is when we dream and that is when dogs dream too! So, when you see your dog twitching around and hear them crying in their sleep, they are definitely dreaming, just like you suspected! Pretty cool, huh?

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