Does Your Pet Do This Too?

Our pets love us, that’s “fur” sure but do they love us this much? Do yours? HAHA mine do too! They follow me from room to room, because mostly, pets feel safe and happy when they are near us. Funny thing is, I feel safer and happier when I’m near them so it kind of works out, doesn’t it?

I love the way this video is filmed! I definitely had my daily chuckle. And this dog is so adorable! Come on, you know you can’t play this just once, or keep it to yourself!

Do you need a cute fix? I always do! Or at least I always welcome one. Here is the most adorable video featuring three Boston Terrier puppies, all lined up asleep in PAJAMAS! Yes, I said pajamas!!! Something this cute has to come with a warning label because you just may pass out. So, be warned, and pace yourself…this is pass out worthy! Click here to see what I’m talking about!

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