So This Is What (Doggy) Heaven Looks Like

Most days are pretty ordinary but every now and then we get a glimpse into what paw-fection looks like. Our furbabies happy as can be, smiling their irresistible doggy/kitty smiles. It’s like a home run wrapped up inside a grand slam and a knock out. Sorry, sports aren’t my strong suit.

Waking up to a scene like this is almost surreal. Fog hanging low on the lake while the sun is making its debut. Happy pups frolicking about. Nothing to worry about. Just a day to take it all in. It’s days like this one we strive for. We work our butts off for. We dream about.

So, while you’re sitting at your desks, slaving away, wishing you were somewhere else, let this video be your portal. Live through this until your next perfect day. Put it on repeat, bookmark it, watch it a dozen times. Come back to it when you need a break. It really is a glimpse into (doggy) heaven.

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