Doggy Duet Will Make Your Heart Sing!

Music is always good for the soul. Just ask this family! Lizzy’s human plays her a song and she can’t resist singing along. Even her brother gets into it but it’s Lizzie’s turn to shine.

It amazes me how animals can be so in tune to our emotions. It’s obvious that this song means a great deal to Lizzie’s human and both dogs feel it too. You can see it, as they take on their part of the duet, that the melody impacts them. Just like it would a human.

Can you believe there are people out there that debate if animals have a soul? PFFT! Of course they do! And if they don’t think so, send them this!

I love dogs and I love music and that is why I LOVE THIS! Trust me, if you haven’t seen this, you are missing out! Click here to experience something I consider pretty amazing! This post is all about a documentary called “American Strays,” and it features the theme song. This series by WA25 is fantastic! There’s even a special surprise. While filming the video for the theme song, singer-songwriter Arthur Yoria meets his soulmate. You can’t miss it!

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