Dog Meets A Wee Little Caterpillar

When two different species come face to face, a lot can happen. They can become friends, fight each other for territory or treats, or remain indifferent. In this instance, I am not totally sure what Louie thought about this new creature but I do know that he was very gentle about the whole encounter. It always makes me smile to see an animal that came from ancestors that were born to hunt, behave in such a docile manner. Dogs and cats like Louie never fail to amaze me (and make me want to hug them right through the screen!)

Louie’s mom moved the caterpillar to a safe spot after Louie was all finished investigating his new found Pokémon. Oh, I mean caterpillar. Doesn’t this guy look just like Weedle?

Here are some cool facts about caterpillars:

  • Caterpillars have one main objective during their life cycle and that is to EAT! They can increase their body mass by 1000 times (OR EVEN MORE!) by eating a ton. Well, a ton for a caterpillar 😉
  • Caterpillars have 12 eyes! WHOA! They have six teeny tiny eyelets on each side of their head, that are called stemmata. But even though these guys sport a lot of eyes, their eyesight isn’t very good. Their eyes are mainly used to differentiate between dark and light.
  • Because these tiny creatures are at the bottom of the food chain, they do what they can to survive. Some resemble bird droppings while others resemble twigs. These caterpillars blend in nicely to avoid becoming someone’s snack.
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