Dixie Cries Every Time Her Boy Leaves For School

People think the greatest philosophical question is “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” However, that pales in comparison to the question of “who loves who more, a dog or their family?” It is the unsolvable riddle of the ages. You just can’t KNOW, even if you think you do. This video might help us on the way to discovery though. Dixie makes a compelling argument that perhaps our dogs really love us more than we love them. The only way to truly tell will to be a dog-snuggling challenge. . .

Dixie is very attached to her boy and this video is proof! While this situation can’t really be avoided because you know school is pretty much mandatory, LOL, it’s sweet to see how much Dixie cares when her boy leaves. But take comfort, Dixie, your boy will always come back! D’awww!

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