Gentle Cat Tries Her Hardest To Play With Tiny Newborn Kittens

Dido isn’t just adorable, she’s SUPER gentle too! When she gets into play mode, there’s no stoppin’ her, even though her playmates are too young to take part. She stands there and does the cutest kitty wiggles, then paws gently at the babies. But alas, nothing works. Darn. Poor Dido will just have to entertain herself for a bit, until this teeny tiny duo can partake in the fun.

A video this cute cannot be watched just once! Feel free to watch it as many times as I have. There is no shame spending an hour with one 30 second video. Not if it’s this cute!

Here are some super interesting facts about kittens:

  • Purring keeps kittens healthy
  • All kittens are born with similar eyes but very distinct noses. In fact, their noses are equivalent to our fingerprints.
  • A group of kittens is called a kindle
  • Kittens (and cats) have tongues that feel like sandpaper
  • Felines spend two-thirds of their lives sleeping
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