A Curious Panda Cub Sneaks Out Of Bed. But When His Mom Catches Him, Her Motherly Instincts Kick In

Now that I’m older, I would do anything to be able to take a nap every day. But when you’re younger, naps are not fun. Little kids rarely enjoy going to sleep, and the same seems to go for animals as well.

A mama panda put her little guy down for a nap at the Taipei Zoo, but he just wasn’t tired enough to sleep. His curious little self decided to sneak out of bed and scurry down the hall. He makes a run (or crawl) for the exit, but then mama bear notices that he is missing. Before he could get too far, his mom comes out and drags him back to bed. He tries to resist, but mom always wins!

Maybe one day this little guy will learn his lesson, but in the meantime, he’s just too adorable to handle! Watch for yourself in the video below:

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