A Kitten, A Puppy, And A Baby Make The Cutest Trio EVER!

You seriously may need a doctor after this one, folks. It’s so cute (AND FUNNY!) that I seriously forgot to breathe. A kitten, a puppy and a baby have the cutest family photo-op, SUPERVISED of course! Bringing home a new baby, to your furbabies, can be really stressful. Isn’t it such a relief when you realize it’s going to be pawfectly fine? Just be sure you watch this one all the way through. The ending is a riot!

No matter how many videos I see, or how many articles I read, this type of bonding never gets old. Most animals are smart enough to know that your baby is precious to you, and you’re precious to your animals. They get the message loud and clear.

I seriously can’t remember a single moment where any of my pets didn’t understand this concept. Even when my boys were toddlers and they were not being as gentle as they should be (no worries, these behaviors were stopped immediately!), my animals just walked away. Or ran, the cat definitely ran like a bolt of lightning. But my furbabies NEVER retaliated. They never harbored ill feelings. So please, do not panic bringing your human baby home. Most likely, your new life will look a lot like this video. And or at least be like the ending of this video. LOL!!!

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If you want to make a new furry friend, but can’t adopt one into your home, there are still plenty of ways you can help them find happiness.

Here are a few:

  1. Volunteer at a shelter
  2. Start a community lost pet watch group
  3. Organize a dog washing day at the park
  4. Bake homemade treats for neighborhood pets
  5. Donate food and blankets to your local shelter
  6. And that’s not all. Click the button below to learn how to be a responsible pet parent, and keep those animals happy!

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