Cat Owner Creates Epic 50-Box Cat Maze, And It’s Not To Be Missed

Cat owner Chris Poole loves his kitties Cole and Marmalade. He loves them so much, he decided to celebrate International Cat Day by doing something different for his beloved feline companions and created something fun. His idea went over so well, some people who caught wind of the idea online went so far as to ask Chris if he could adopt them!

Rumble/Cole and Marmalade

Using 50 ordinary cardboard boxes, Chris fashioned a cat maze with hidden treat surprises along the way. Holes were cut out at strategic locations to allow the cats to pass through, while random boxes were left open at the top so that his kitties could jump over the maze “walls.”

Photo: Rumble/Cole and Marmalade

Watching the video, it’s clear that Cole and Marmalade have an awesome and clever human daddy who loves to spend time watching his fur babies enjoy exploratory fun. Healthy cats are programmed by nature to investigate new items, as well as to hide and stalk anything and everything that moves.

Photo: Rumble/Cole and Marmalade

The cardboard-box maze is an excellent illustration of the sort of creative device that allows cats to exercise both of these instincts, as well as provide an ideal surface for claw-sharpening. This sort of stimulation is crucial to preventing cognitive disorders among cats, such as feline dementia.

Photo: Rumble/Cole and Marmalade

To help provide your feline friends with a long and happy life, you can follow Chris’s wonderful example and make them a kitty wonderland from ordinary objects. While he purchased new boxes to create his maze, leftover shipping boxes and even shoe boxes will suffice to provide hours of fun for your own fur babies. Hide some treats within them so they can hunt for food, and voila! You have a playground that can be reconfigured to their heart’s content — and you’ll be rewarded with lots of purrs and cuddles.

Watch Cole and Marmalade take on the maze in the video below. It sure looks fun!

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