Cole And Marmalade Go For A Walk In The Snow For The First Time. Their Reaction Is Priceless!

After years of staring longingly outside the windows at the snow falling, Cole and Marmalade’s humans thought it would be a great idea to take them out in the snow. They get them all ready, leashes and harnesses, and walk out into the yard. What happens next is pretty funny and totally cat-like.

Do your pets like the snow? My dogs love it! They get super hyper when the snow is light and fluffy, and do zoomies around the yard. They love to nibble on it and when they look up, they look like little bearded puppies. My cat just stares out the window when it’s snowing, mesmerized by the flakes one by one.

Oh and the deer in my area, they absolutely love it! Because it gets nice and quiet, they can roam about. My pets love watching the deer and so do we. It’s a gorgeous sight to see!

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Cole & MarmaladeCole & Marmalade are amazing cats! Both rescues, now they spend their days basking in the warm light of fame on YouTube, where their videos amuse and inform people around the world. You can see more of their amazing and hilarious work on their YouTube channel, or visit them on Facebook!