Chillaxin’ With Chiko On The Pawfect Summer Day

After a hard day at the office, is there anything better than kicking back and enjoying the beautiful summer weather? Well, yes, if you have your dog to enjoy it with you! Check out Chiko! He’s all about chillin’ in the heat, equipped with his sunglasses, water float and laid back attitude.

Summer isn’t just for humans. Our animals finally get the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors after being cooped up all winter. From hiking, to swimming to hitting up the dog park, summer activities are the best! But remember, it’s hot out there. If we feel it, then they feel it WAYYYY more. Dogs need to stay hydrated so always pack plenty of water with you before heading out. Travel water bowls are great too. Dogs can also sunburn so limit your time in the direct sun and pack a beach umbrella or even one of those nifty tents. But remember, most of all, to enjoy yourselves. These hot months are the coolest time of year 😉

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