And…The Winner Of This Game Of Tug Of War Is My Dog-Loving Heart!!!

With this adorable game of tug-of-war, who do you believe will be the victor? Team Chihuahua or Team Bernese Mountain Dog?

If size is a factor then the answer is obvious… But if you know how most big dogs think and act, then you know they possess a gentle nature that dog lovers adore (and can’t resist)! No wonder so many people are “owned by” big dogs!

Not to say Chihuahuas aren’t worthy themselves. Those feisty, adorable Chi’s can battle with the best! I’ve had my fair share of playdates with my mom’s four pound Chi and she is a contender for sure! Maybe they have a paw up by distraction as well. I mean, they are awfully adorable.

Whatever team you root for, you can’t go wrong! A giant fluff of a sweetheart is always a winner in my book! And the tiny team of feisty cuteness… well, you can imagine my dilemma picking a favorite! It’s impossible!

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