Cat Thoroughly Confused By Carbonated Drink Has The Purrfect Reaction

When it comes to curiosity, cats are professionals!

This adorable kitty is completely confused by a glass of seltzer and her reaction is one I can’t get enough of! Trust me, you’ll love it too!

Wait until you see what she does at :18! I nearly fainted.

I’m such a cat lover so this video hits me in all the right places. Her stalking. Her pawing. Her adorable everything. I love this cat!

Does your cat do anything funny like this?

Mine is obsessed with drinking straws! Anytime someone in my house has a drink with a straw in it, she is on top of it! She has to paw at it until she gets the straw and then skulks aways with it in her mouth. Of course, she cannot keep her new prized possession but the act itself is one I would never interrupt. It’s just too cute!


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