Puppy Thoroughly Confused By Baby Carrot

This baby carrot is making a puppy crazzzzzyyyy and it’s so darn cute to watch! Luckily, we get to see it and replay it as many times as we want! YAY!

Just like most kids, playing with one’s food is almost always more satisfying than eating it. Do you remember doing that as a kid? Making pools of gravy and having your peas dive in? Or using your broccoli as trees in a mystical forest? Man, being a kid was so much fun. Why did we have to grow up?! Adulting is hard.

If you liked this video than this one will totes make you smile from ear to ear!

An adorable rescue piglet has found her very best friend and it’s a teeny tiny rescue kitten! There is just so much cuteness packed into one video, that I’m seriously about to pass out. The piglet is wearing a dress! AHHHH! And how they look at each other when they play…OH MY GAWD! This video should come with a warning label! Click here to see what I’m fussing about (you’ll regret NOT watching it!)

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