ATTN: Low Carb Cat Lovers! It’s Cheat Day With Carb (And Cuteness) Overload!

The low carb craze is the total rage… but what about Carb Cats? Should we indulge? HECK YES!

We are often told to cut back, go carb free, that carbohydrates are the enemy. Well, NOT TODAY! NO WAY! Today, you get to binge on as many carbs as you want! And they’re the best kind: Cat Carbs! YUM!

First, we have the ultimate in YUM… my weakness. The cat croissant! This treat originated in France but has been purrfected by Marmalade.


It’s buttery soft, and totally sweet. Not to mention, a bit on the naughty side! Are you a fan of the cat croissant? It goes purrfectly with a cup of coffee. Delicious!

Next, we have my favorite to pair with a side of pasta. I mean, if you’re going to cheat on carb day, you might as well GO BIG OR GO HOME! Right? Check out the cat baguette!



Last, we have the carbohydrate kitten edition: The cat pretzel. Soft, salty and the right amount of frisky!


All of these cat carbs are making me hungry! Which cat carb is your favorite?

Too see more Cat Carb delights, watch the Cole and Marmalade video below:

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