This Will Hit Your Heart In All The Right Spots!

Can a video get much cuter than this?! UM…NO! There’s so much love shared between Chubby and Eddie… LOVE and an appreciation for hygiene. This kind of “mutual bathing” is one for the books! D’awwwww!

Chubby is the one to make the first move during this little love sesh. But don’t worry, folks, Eddie is all about returning the favor 😉 These two are proof, yet again, that dogs and cats can make their own pack, live as siblings, or even as “lovebirds.” LOL!

Can you watch this and not smile? How ’bout “Awwwww?” Try it, I dare you, and then let us know what you think in the comments below.

If you liked this video, you will LOVE this one! A cat steals a puppy’s bed and the reaction of both animals is absolutely hilarious! I love Pixel! And French Bulldogs. And of course, CATS! This video is one of my ultimate faves! Check it out here!

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