After Being Chained Up His Entire Life, Biscuit Celebrates His Freedom

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Imagine what freedom would feel like if you were chained up your entire life. It would be pure bliss… and maybe a bit overwhelming, as you took in so many new things. Biscuit will show you what this first taste of freedom is like and I doubt there will be a dry eye in the house.

To say he suffered is an understatement! He was denied the rights an animal should always have! To be able to play and run, smell his surroundings, fetch a ball! It’s disturbing to know that anyone who takes in a dog, into their home and their responsibility, would deny them of that.

Biscuit was rescued along with 8 other dogs from a property in Kentucky by Dogs Deserve Better. This was filmed by Amy Hines, the hero that took Biscuit on his very first walk of freedom. Biscuit was then taken to Good Newz Rehab Center in Virginia, located on the same property Michael Vick housed his dogfighting kennels. Transforming the property to what is now a safe place that saves lives is simply amazing. Isn’t it?

Watch as this beautiful dog experiences “life” for the first time!

I’m so relieved that Biscuit and his other doggy siblings will never be chained up again!

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