Would You Do This To Help Your Dog Fall Asleep?

Bandit is very much loved! His humans love to do something very special for him so he can fall asleep, peacefully, and have wonderful puppy dreams.


Good thing both his humans can carry a tune 🙂 Seeing this little one’s face as he drifts off to sleep is confirmation that our pets really do need our care. They long for our love and even though they can’t say the words, “Thank You,” they do appreciate all that we do. Their “Thank You’s” are those wagging tails and happy faces when we come home after a long day.

Facts About Dogs And Sleep:

-Just like humans, dogs have different stages of sleep
-Puppies and older dogs dream more than middle-aged dogs
-Dogs generally sleep 16 hours a day
-The expression to “let sleeping dogs lie” rings true. Approximately 60 percent of all dog bites that happened to children, occur when they have startled a sleeping dog
-Dogs like to nest and get cozy by circling before lying down

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