Dog Won’t Give Up ‘Til The New Cat Loves Him Back

A family wanted to complete their household by adopting a cat. They went to the local shelter and fell in love with a cat that had a pretty bad reputation. She wasn’t dangerous, of course, but the shelter volunteers highly doubted she would bond with their dog at home. Maybe they would be stuck living very separate lives? Hmmm. Well, these humans were ready to give it a chance. Because you just can’t help true love, right?

Well, see what happens when true love takes over the entire household! This is a clip of their pup and cat’s first encounter. As you can see, these two will be just fine!

According to the humans, even after meeting, their Beagle NEVER gave up on this cat. He didn’t make her feel uncomfortable, just wanted! After spending all that time feeling unwanted, maybe that was all this cat needed because she certainly came around. Now, this whole family lives HAPPILY! Let this be a lesson that sometimes love is the greatest power of all. It can conquer fear, sadness, and doubt. Give this new fur family a high paw!

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