Flea Infested Puppy Dropped Off At Animal Shelter In Cereal Box Had 20 People Come Forward To Adopt

Shelter employees see all sorts of unusual and often times sad situations that end with a dog or cat being surrendered. Staff at a shelter in Riverside, California, were surprised when a person came walking in carrying a cereal box.

A 9-week-old puppy covered in fleas was dropped off at Riverside County Animal Services’ Jurupa Valley shelter in a Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries cereal box. The staff decided to name the puppy “Razz Berry”.

The shelter posted, “We have seen some creative pet carriers in our days. This ⁦@RealCapnCrunch⁩ cereal box has to be one of the oddest ways a pet came to us as an over-the-counter dropoff. We handled all its fleas and now hope an owner arrives.”

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The post went viral with multiple offers to adopt the adorable pup. The shelter decided to “conducted a ‘lottery’ to make it fair for all that showed up to adopt,” because of all the interested families.

Razz Berry was treated for fleas and was ready to find her forever home. Over 20 families arrived at the shelter ready to adopt Razz Berry. Each family picked a coin with a number on it and the person closest to 100 would be the family that would get to adopt the puppy.

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Hayden, Teresa and James Sheets picked 92 and were the lucky family that took home the sweet puppy. It was an emotional moment for the family because they had just lost their beloved Puggle named Ginger. She died on the same day they saw the story about Razz Berry.

“I saw it the day we lost Ginger, and I was like, ‘Oh it’s too soon,’” Teresa said.

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Razz Berry will share the home with the family’s Maltese Yorkshire Terrier mix named Pepper. Remember to adopt not shop! Supporters of the shelter were happy that so many people came forward to rescue the little puppy, but urged the remaining families to adopt a different dog at the shelter.

Watch as Razz Berry meets her new family in the video below.

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