There’s No Pity For This Pittie! Three-Legged Raven Is On Fleek!

Raven doesn’t need all four legs to be perfect. Just. Look. At. Her! She’s absolutely gorgeous! From her top model ‘do to her shade wearing style, this Pittie is ready for anything. Raven LOVES her siblings and has no clue she’s any different. She even has a pet duck. I mean, really, this girl is ON FLEEK!

Dogs with special needs need homes too. I urge friends and family that if they can, to please adopt an animal that would not necessarily have an easy time finding a home otherwise. I don’t have pity for this Pittie! Raven, like many special needs animals, don’t have a clue they’re any different and that’s how it should be!

Here is a fascinating fact about Pit Bulls:

Most dogs that are referred to as “Pit Bulls” in animal shelters are not actually Pit Bulls. From years of unregulated breeding, cross breeding and unfortunate backyard breeding, the breed itself has become a blur of sorts. Most people assume if they see a dog that resembles that “Pit Bull” look then the dog must be a Pit Bull but in truth, he or she could be part Boxer, Bulldog, Lab, or a variety of other breeds that has given him or her that “Pittie look.” Interesting…

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