Dog Gets Surprise Reunion With A Friend She Hasn’t Seen In 10 Months

6-year-old Raven loves people, but there are some people she has a special bond with. Those people include her mom, Kim Carino, other family and friends, and her former trainer.

The standard poodle hadn’t seen her old trainer in 10 months, and Carino wasn’t sure the dog would even remember him. She wanted to see if Raven would recognize him without help after all this time, so she arranged a park date to meet up.

As dogs continue to prove to us, they’re a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Carino shared her test on Instagram in a video, and it’s so sweet. In the video, you can see Raven on a leash at the park. Carino is walking her down the path when they approach a bench with a man sitting down.

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The man, Raven’s old trainer, doesn’t look up or acknowledge he knows them – and Carino continues to walk past as if it’s any old stranger on the bench. Raven, however, instantly recognizes him. She heads in his direction at first but then follows Carino past him.

Photo: Instagram/kimcarinophotography

The dog doesn’t get far before whipping back around and beelining back to the bench. She begins sniffing the man, but he continued to act like he didn’t recognize the dog and kept his face hidden.

Eventually, it becomes clear that Raven isn’t going to give up on saying hi to him, and the two embrace in a big hug. Raven is so excited to see her friend, after 10 long months they’re finally reunited.

Photo: Instagram/kimcarinophotography
Photo: Instagram/kimcarinophotography

Carino shared the video, saying, “Dogs are amazing creatures and true gifts. There is nothing more incredible than the way they love, even if they haven’t seen someone in a long time. Need proof, watch this.”

Watch the sweet moment in the video below:

You can follow Raven on Instagram, @rave_the_princess.

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