Peek-A-Boo! I See You!

Most of us, when we think about cute pets, don’t really think about rats, but did you know they could be this cute? Or this playful? ME EITHER! In reality, rats are intelligent, sensitive animals that can make delightful additions to your family. No. Seriously!

Rats can actually sense your mood. True fact! Veterinarians recommend that you only interact with your rat (besides responsibilities, of course) when you are in a good mood. They can actually pick up on your negativity and feel pretty bad about it. No, I’m not kidding! Rats can also feel pulls in the magnetic field. WHOA. They also love being around one another and even play.

Vets agree that rats make the best pet out of the “pocket pet” group. They tend to be quieter, more sociable, clean and very smart. They even love to play with humans! Need proof of that, just watch this!

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