Rare Yellow Turtle With Albinism Found In India

Sunday was the day that they spotted an extremely rare yellow turtle in India. As it turns out, this unusual reptile is captivating the attention of people around the world. Reuters reported that it was first spotted by Balasore residents, then a video of the animal appeared online.

After the discovery, forest officials were given possession of the turtle. Although they aren’t certain, wildlife experts feel that it is an albino mutation of a regular turtle.

Albinism is a condition in which there is little to no pigment in the eyes, hair, or skin. This genetic disorder can also affect the fur, feathers, or scales in other creatures.

National Geographic speaks about albinism as affecting numerous animals, although it is a rare condition. It can make it difficult for some animals to survive in the wild. Mammals that are affected by albinism have different colored skin, eyes, and fur. For turtles and other non-mammal animals, they may not appear completely white because other pigments exist other than melanin.

Wildlife Warden Bhanoomitra Acharya gave an interview to Asian News International (ANI), saying it was a unique find. “This turtle that was rescued, its skull and body are yellow, truly it is very rare. I have not seen such a turtle in my life ever,” he said.

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It seems as if they may have also spotted another rare turtle in the area. It was a softshell turtle that is typically found in Africa, Asia, and North America, the Trionychidae turtle. It was released back to the area it was found after being caught by a fisherman.

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