Rare tiger cubs born at Smithsonian National Zoo

The Smithsonian National Zoo has announced the latest addition to its family: two rare Sumatran tiger cubs were born to the zoo’s first-time mother, Damai, on August 5. Zoo officials are very excited about Damai’s first litter of cubs because the Sumatran tiger is critically endangered. There are estimated to only be between 400 and 500 existing in the wild with only 65 living in accredited zoos across North America.

Kavi, the tiger who fathered the new cubs, will continue to be on exhibit, but Damai and her young will be taken to a private enclosure for the next several weeks for health exams, vaccinations and careful monitoring from the zoo’s skilled staff. The cubs are healthy and Damai, who has taken well to motherhood, can often be seen grooming and nursing her young.

In a few weeks, the cubs will be opening their eyes and exploring their enclosure under Damai’s supervision. Even though they aren’t being publicly exhibited at the zoo, you can still get a peek at the fuzzy, striped cubs on the Smithsonian’s live webcam as they bond with their mother and adorably play and explore the area.

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