Four Dog Breeds We Guarantee You’ve Never Heard Of!

Locating these special breeds is easier than you think!

The Las Crucetas Terrier, the Rialatto, the Charroux, the Abilene, and many other amazing – dare we say, unique – dogs can be found… at your friendly local neighborhood shelter. Yes, it’s true; we made them up. Every one of those dogs was a mutt. But then, every breed ever created was made up by somebody who saw something they liked in a dog of equally uncertain heritage. They just gave it a name that stuck.

Whether he’s a tennis-ball chaser, a cuddler, a looker, or one smart cookie, the most important thing in selecting a dog is making sure he’s going to fit into your life and your family. At a good shelter, the staff should be able to make excellent recommendations based on what you’re looking for and the dogs they’ve gotten to know. And as they introduce these dogs, one by one, there’s likely to be a spark; a quick moment of recognition in which you will find what you’re really looking for, which (if we may be so bold) is not some special breed with a fancy name, but a very special best friend for life.

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Happy hunting!

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Nikki Burns lives quietly in Western Washington, enjoying the company of a delightful family, three rescued cats, good friends, persistent rain, and very tall trees.
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