Four Dog Breeds We Guarantee You’ve Never Heard Of!

These days, all sorts of exotic and designer breeds are available, carefully sculpted to enhance particular physical or behavioral traits. The variety seems endless. Everyone has heard of the golden retriever, the German shepherd, and the tiny chihuahua. Some have heard of the stranger breeds, like the Afghan hound, the Chinese crested, and the Chinook. But rare indeed is the expert who can name these four breeds.

The Las Crucetas Terrier

Our first rare breed is the Las Crucetas Terrier. A remarkably sweet-tempered dog with a soft coat, floppy ears, and bright eyes, this little guy can go from zero to cuddles in two seconds flat. Regular grooming is required, but his good behavior means it’ll never seem like a chore, especially once the brushing brings out the lustrous silkiness of his amazing coat. This little terrier is a fantastic family dog!


Our next breed is even more uncommon than the Las Crucetas…

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