Parents Surprise Daughter By Adopting Dog

Hallee Fuqua has wanted a dog for years, but her parents said she needed to wait until she graduated from college. So she decided to start volunteering at her local shelter to be around dogs. Little did she know, that she would fall in love with one dog on the first day.

Hallee started volunteering at Humane Society in Stillwater, Oklahoma, during her Thanksgiving break. She was introduced to a handsome Plott Hound and Mountain Cur mix named Rambo. It was love at first sight.

Photos: Facebook/Lance Fuqua

She continued to visit the shelter and spend time with Rambo. The shelter’s director, Jackie Ross-Guerrero told ABC News, “She would come in and just sit with him. They connected from day one.”

Lance Fuqua, Hallee’s dad, went to the shelter with her mother to secretly adopt the dog for their daughter. The shelter made an exception and kept the surprise from Hallee as to who was adopting Rambo.

“We pulled a little white lie when she would come in so she would think he was still under adoption,” Ross-Guerrero said.

Screen Shots: Facebook/Lance Fuqua

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Hallee was devastated when she saw on social media that Rambo was adopted. However, she was about to receive the best Christmas gift. Two days later, Rambo was brought to his forever home. The emotional unveiling of the surprise was captured on video.

Lance was outside holding Rambo, who was wearing a pair of reindeer antlers, when Hallee came to the door. She opened the door and saw Rambo waiting for her. She broke down in tears of joy. Her father said, “she had no idea that he already belonged to her.”

Photos: Facebook/Lance Fuqua

A dream come true for Hallee and Rambo. Rambo is just one of millions of shelter dogs who are looking for forever homes. Please adopt don’t shop. It will be the best decision you ever made.

Watch the moment Hallee receives her Christmas surprise in the video below.

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