Hairless Kitten Thanks Her Rescuer By Helping Animals In Need

A little hairless kitten, named Raisin, was surrendered to a local shelter because she had severe eye issues. It wasn’t certain if one of her eyes could even be saved.

Thankfully, Helping Hands Pet Rescue decided to take her in and with the proper treatment and loads of TLC, the kitten began to heal. Even her eye ulcer, that was so severe, got much better, and with minimal scarring.


Stephanie, a vet tech at the Animal Medical Clinic of Gulf Gate, in Sarasota, FL, met the tiny hairless kitten and fell madly in love. She offered to adopt Raisin.

Stephanie and Raisin developed a very close bond. Raisin didn’t want to leave Stephanie’s side so it was only natural to bring the little rescue kitten with her to work at the vet clinic.

That is when Raisin found her true calling! She began to greet the animal clients that came in. She was always happy to meet a friend, dog or cat, big or small.


She even began to comfort the animals that were nervous or scared.

“The clinic is her second home and the staff there is her ‘second’ family. Raisin likes to hang out in the reception a lot and likes to meet clients coming and going,” Stephanie told Love Meow.

“Nurse” Raisin will go into the back and comfort the patience by distracting them with affection and support. Best of all, this tiny hairless cat LOVES big dogs!


Nurse Raisin has a few favorite patients, one being a blind Pit Bull named Fenway! HOW SWEET!

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Raisin understands that her rescue means a lot for both her and her forever mom. She, gladly, gives back by helping other animals that need a (little hairless) helping paw.

Source and Photo Credits: Love Meow and Raisin’s Instagram

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