How Rain Affects Your Dog In 5 Different Ways

You wake up to the sound of rain pouring down and then a rumble of thunder. Fido buries his head into the blankets and refuses to get up. A rainy day can affect your dog in many different ways, causing them to have rainy day blues.

Everything from the sound of the rain to the moisture it produces affects Fido. Each dog is different and will respond to rain differently. The following may explain why your dogs acts so weird when it rains.


Decreased Exercise

Most people are not excited about having to walk their dogs in the rain. This negative feeling is detected by our dogs and makes them associate rain with a negative feeling. Not to mention, they will not get their regular long walk if it is pouring rain outside. Fido will become bored, so it is important to play a game inside, or entertain him with a chew toy.

The Sound It Makes

Dog can hear four times stronger than we can, meaning the sound of thunder and pouring rain is much louder to them. This increase in noise can cause some dogs to become nervous and overwhelmed. Penn State did a study and found up to 30% of dogs are afraid of thunderstorms. If your dog pants, paces, barks, or hides they are afraid and need comfort. There are special vests and jackets made for dogs to help comfort them, or you can use an essential oil like lavender or chamomile in a diffuser.


Wet Paws

Most dogs, aside from labs and a few other breeds, hate getting wet. Baths are always a good way to introduce a dog to water, but most will run and hide. Starting baths at a young age will help a dog become more comfortable with water. When it rains everything becomes wet. The grass is wet on their paws and there are puddles everywhere. Some dogs hate having their paws wet and will refuse to go outside to go to the bathroom.

Smells Are Amplified

The moisture in the air causes smells to be amplified. The water vapor holds onto the scent molecules longer causing the smells to be stronger and last longer. Once you get your dog outside, you may notice he is smelling a lot more. If your dog likes to smell for wild animals, they will love it when it rains because the scents will be stronger and easier to follow.


Static Electricity

If your dog runs around the house looking for a place to hide as soon as it starts to storm, they may be experiencing static electricity in their coats. Dr. Nicholas Dodman, director of the Animal Behavior department at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, tells Rover, “that dogs may experience numerous shocks from static electricity during thunderstorms.”

Dogs will run for places that are grounded like the bathtub to stop the shock feeling. There are also vests and jackets on the market to prevent your dog from feeling like he has static electricity in his fur.

Hopefully, this has helped you understand why Fido acts so weird when it starts to rain or storm. You can help him be more comfortable until the rain passes.

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