The Kindest Way To Start The Journey Across The Rainbow Bridge

No one looks forward to saying goodbye to their four-legged loved ones, but it’s something all pet owners must face eventually. Veterinarians are making this process easier and more personal by offering in-home services to animals who are ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.


What Is In-Home Euthanasia?

When a pet nears the end of its life or battles a severe illness, veterinarians often recommend euthanasia as an alternative to suffering and pain. Euthanasia is a quick and usually painless way to let your furry friend make the journey to the other side. A growing number of veterinarians make house calls to perform euthanasia. The service is similar to euthanasia performed in the office, but it makes the situation less stressful on the patient and its owner.


The Benefits of Saying Goodbye at Home

Car rides and vet visits agitate many dogs and cats, and the drive is even more difficult when your loved one is in pain. In-home euthanasia eliminates this added stress. Your pet stays comfortable, spending its last moments in familiar surroundings with its family and other four-legged siblings. Those who choose to have their pets euthanized at home often have a positive and memorable experience, which makes the grieving process easier.


Making the Decision to Euthanize at Home

When the time comes, in-home euthanasia may be the right choice for you and your pet. Discuss the available options with your veterinarian ahead of time, and ask for referrals if your vet doesn’t offer mobile services that suit your needs. The visiting doctor typically performs an exam before offering advice on the best course of action. Many in-home providers also offer services such as counseling and burial or cremation options.The loss of a loved one is never easy, but the opportunity to say your farewells at home is often better than sitting beside your four-legged friend in a cold, impersonal doctor’s office. Here are some more inspiring ways to make lasting memories with your furry family member before you say goodbye.

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