Ragdoll Cat Slyly Walks Through The Snow Without Leaving Prints

A trio of ragdoll cats has recently taken the internet by storm for the way they walk in the snow.

Perseus, Andromeda, and their daughter Domino live in Sherwood Park, Alberta with their owner. If you know anything about Alberta, you realize it gets quite cold and snowy in the winter. It’s not uncommon for the area to receive several inches of snow each month over the winter months.

Photo: Instagram/@my_ragdoll_cats_21

Given where they grew up, it’s no surprise that the three cats are used to snowy weather. In fact, they often go out and explore and their owners have started sharing their adventures on social media.

The pet parents shared on Instagram that while playing in the snow one day, they noticed something unusual: All three cats were outside, but there were only two sets of footprints.

Photo: Instagram/@my_ragdoll_cats_21

After watching for a minute, they realized what had happened. While Perseus and Domino just walked out into the snow and left deep paw prints behind them, Andromeda carefully scoped out her path and walked step-for-step in the already-made paw prints to avoid leaving a set of her own. It’s quite impressive, really!

You can see her in action in the video below:

In a follow-up post, they shared that she really loves the snow (sometimes).

They made sure to include some up-close photos of the sly copycat cat as well due to popular demand:

You can keep up with the ragdoll trio on Instagram, @my_ragdoll_cats_21.

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