BREAKING NEWS: Four Lots of Pet Food Recalled

BREAKING NEWS: Radagast Pet Food, Inc. of Portland, Oregon has announced a voluntary recall of four lots of its Frozen Rad Cat Raw Diet, which may be contaminated by Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes.

Untreated, a Listeria infection in a cat can result in paralysis and in swelling of the brain. Salmonella and Listeria can be carried past consumption as well, affecting other pets, and even humans. Untreated, humans can experience arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms.

The affected products have been distributed throughout Western Canada and 48 of 50 of the United States (all but Hawaii and Mississippi). Please check to see if you have any of these products in your possession:

Why were they recalled?

This recall was initiated after a third party working for the FDA found that two lots of Grass-Fed Beef tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes. Further testing found that one lot of Free-range Chicken tested positive for listeria monocytogenes, and one lot of Free-range Turkey tested positive for both Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes.

Radagast Pet Food, Inc. voluntarily issued this recall as a precautionary measure.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms found in cats:

  • Fever
  • Shock
  • Lethargy
  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Anorexia
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Abnormally fast heart rate
  • Bloody Diarrhea

As mentioned, if left untreated, a Listeria infection in a cat can result in paralysis and in swelling of the brain. Some cats may not feel any of these symptoms. However, they can still be carriers and infect other pets or humans.

Symptoms found in humans:

  • Fever
  • Shock
  • Headache
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle Aches

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What can you do?

If you have purchased this item, you can dispose of it safely, in a sealed container, washing your hands afterward, and sterilizing any surfaces it may have come in contact with, including the appliance in which the food was stored.

Radagast Pet Food, Inc. asks that, to receive a refund, customers fill out all sections of their Consumer Claims Form. Once the form is complete, return the form only to the retailer where you purchased the product for a refund. Consumers may call Radagast Pet Food, Inc. (503-736-4649) for assistance in filling out the Claim Form.

If you or your pets are suffering from any of the aforementioned issues, please seek medical attention immediately.

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