Sleepy Raccoon Takes A Nap In A Baby Bouncer

One pet racoon really thinks he’s the baby of the house, and as such, he decides to take a nap in the baby bouncer.

Unsurprisingly, the racoon named Buri falls into a blissful sleep just like a human baby would do.

According to his Instagram bio, he’s the baby of the family, so it’s only fitting he acts as such.

Photo: Instagram/buri0416_raccoon

The little raccoon loves to curl up in the bouncer and relax but often ends up dozing off.

Photo: Instagram/buri0416_raccoon

Most people have dogs and cats as pets, not raccoons.

However, Buri is so adorable that he’s gathered quite a following on social media, with over 30,000 Instagram followers!

Photo: Instagram/buri0416_raccoon
Photo: Instagram/buri0416_raccoon

How cute is he?

You can follow Buri on Instagram, @buri0416_raccoon.

Watch adorable little Buri fall asleep like a baby in the video below:

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