Rachael Ray And GreaterGood Are Speaking Out On Behalf Of Shelter Cats Everywhere! Check Out Their Inspiring Message

Millions of cats enter shelters every year, scared, confused and often dirty. They’re quickly put into unfamiliar cages and placed alongside dozens of other animals. Then, they’re photographed.

These initial intake photos will represent the cats on adoption websites and social media, and sadly, they often fail to capture the beauty and personality of these wonderful cats. They can even hurt their chances of being adopted.

That’s why GreaterGood.org and One Picture Saves a Life™ are joining forces with Rachael Ray™ Nutrish™ in the Shelter Cats Are Beautiful program. They’re on a mission to improve cat adoption rates by hosting grooming and photography workshops at shelters throughout the U.S.!

Learn more about this life-saving program from Rachael Ray herself in the video! For more information, go to https://www.sheltercatsarebeautiful.com.

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