This Video Has Changed Everything I’ve Ever Thought About Raccoons

Raccoons get a bad rap. They’ve put up with the label of nature’s trashiest animals for far too long, and while that generalization may ring true in some circumstances, these curious creatures have so much more to offer.

North America is home to a majority of the world’s raccoons, but did you know they’ve made homes in Europe and Asia as well? They can be found around wooded areas, where they can scavenge plants and riversides for food. The occasional trash can comes in handy, too.

Raccoons can communicate using a variety of different calls, and are known to be very intelligent animals. Their keen senses are likely only surpassed by their ability to leave a mess behind, whenever and wherever they find their dinner.

A few of these nocturnal creatures seem to be up past their bedtime in the following video. They seem to be enjoying it, too!

Do you think you could ever learn to love a raccoon?

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