Raccoon Plays Sprinkler Harp

Music is one of those very human creations that set us distinctly apart from our furry brethren. As much as we might love to see a dog playing guitar, or a cat behind a drum set, we sadly have to be content with our imaginations (and some creative YouTube videos). However, you do have to wonder, do animals wish they could play music as much as we wish they could? Do fluffy sheep dream of electric guitars? Are dolphins begging for a set of turntables? Well, if this raccoon is any indication, the animal music revolution might just be upon us!

It’s pretty obvious this little guy is imagining this sprinkler is a harp, and the yard is Carnegie Hall. With all this hilarious practice it’s possible that this raccoon may just be the next musical prodigy! Can’t wait to hear his break out performance!

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