Raccoon Can’t Resist The Temptation Of Playing With Bubble Wrap

I think that most of us have had an obsession with bubble wrap since we were young children. Some of us even continue to love popping those bubbles as an adult.

It seems as if it isn’t only humans who have such an obsession. The following video shows that even raccoons can’t resist popping those bubbles.

The raccoon is being watched carefully by his human companion as he pops the bubble wrap and doesn’t miss a single bubble.

Photo: YouTube / ignoramusky

At some point or another, he tries to pop the bubbles by taking a nibble but then goes back to popping it in the standard fashion.

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Those who have seen the video are amazed at how interesting it is to watch a raccoon pop bubbles like this.

One person said that they didn’t know they had so much in common with a raccoon and everyone points out the obvious, that everybody loves bubble wrap!

You can see the interesting bubble wrap adventure for yourself in the following video:

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